Healthguard Hygiene Ltd was born out of the InnuScience Group, both of which are owned by the Bothongo Group. 

Our focus is on providing a complete range of disinfection products to eliminate germs and support a strong cleaning regime.

Our CEO, Nick Winstone, has over 12 years’ experience in the UK hygiene sector and is also the co-founder of InnuScience UK.

The team have over 75 years of experience within the chemical hygiene sector, as well as all coming from a distribution background.

Shield Guard from Healthguard Hygiene is our range of quality surface and hand sanitising products, manufactured in the UK under strict ISO9001 conditions. 

It is also one of the first two products in the UK to be EN 14476A:2019 tested and approved certified to be effective against all enveloped viruses.

Shield Guard products are ideal for hotels, restaurants, retail, gyms, healthcare, care homes and any sector where hygiene is of paramount importance

The creation of Healthguard Hygiene is an example of how an established operator has been able to demonstrate agility by serving a rapidly growing market segment. We responded to our frontline worker’s urgent requirement for sanitiser products, at a time of market need, by converting production capacity to fill this urgent demand to protect human health. The demand for our sanitiser has been huge (with over 7 million bottles produced to date). This has lead us to setting up Healthguard as its own focused business unit, within the Bothongo Group.